1. How often can I monitor my website?

We allow you to monitor up to every minute, 24 hours a day.

2. Do you offer a trial?

Yes, we offer a 45 day trial to test our services.

3. What types of devices can I monitor?

We specialize in HTTP / Web monitoring, however you can monitor anything from routers, email and FTP servers, to even DNS servers.

4. What kind of data do you store?

Looking at historic trends is very important - we store all of your past checks for the past 3 months allowing you to go back and see outages, response times and errors.

5. Am I going to get false positives?

Preventing false positives was the biggest reason we've developed PingThat. We do our best to make sure your website is truely down before waking you up with our unique monitoring escalation paths.

6. Can I send alerts to my cell phone?

We can notify you via E-Mail, SMS, or an API call. If there's a way to contact you, we'll find it.

7. Can I setup escalation notifications?

Yes! Our service is designed to notify certain people first and if it's still not received, it'll notify someone else and continue to notify people until the issue has been resolved.

8. Do you offer a customer API?

The customer API is currently being developed and should be available shortly. It will allow customers to add, edit, pause and remove monitoring checks via their application.

9. What makes your service better than the others out there?

We don't like to toot our own horn, however we're a small dedicated team of developing awesome software and services. We do things right the first time and don't over promise and under deliver like most. We work for the customers so if the customer is looking for a feature we don't have, we can usually get it added pretty quickly.