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What is Ping that?

Website Monitoring Made Simple.
Life is short, you shouldn't have to worry about if your website is loading slow or even worse, completely down. Let us do the hard work for you.

  1. 1. Monitoring

    You let us know what you want monitored and how often. HTTP, PING, FTP, SMTP, DNS, you got it.

  2. 2. Identify

    Based on your thresholds, we will identify slowness, packet loss, or complete outages for you.

  3. 3. Notifying

    Once we identify an outage, we will notify you either by e-mail, SMS, phone call, or API web hook.

Smart Notifications

Smart Notifications

Smart Notifications

Smart Notifications

  • Get notified as soon as 10 seconds after your website is down.
  • Notify different people based on outage duration.
  • Get notified through E-Mail, SMS, Phone Call or Web API Hook.
  • Easy to understand notifications, no 'tech language'.
  • Get notified with outage duration as soon as it's back up.

Smart Notifications

Smart Notifications

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  • Basic


    • 20 Devices
    • One Minute Intervals
    • Unlimited E-Mail Notifications
    • 20 SMS Notifications
    • Escalation Notifications
  • Business


    • 50 Devices
    • 30 Second Intervals
    • Unlimited E-Mail Notifications
    • 100 SMS Notifications
    • Escalation Notifications
  • Professional


    • 100 Devices
    • 10 Second Intervals
    • Unlimited E-Mail Notifications
    • Unlimited SMS Notifications
    • Escalation Notifications

During the last hour we detected 135 outages around the world